A Christmas hat shop in Singapore opens for business

Posted February 14, 2018 08:19:06Singapore is the only country in the world to allow hat shops, and the owner of one of the largest is happy to show off the merchandise.

Singapore’s first hat shop is set to open its doors at the MTR (Metro Terminal) station at 8am on December 19.

Owner Kiang Chee-fong said he has been making Christmas hats for many years and the store has grown to become a destination for hat makers and customers.

He said hat sales have gone up because customers are excited about the festive season.

“We sell more than 30,000 hats a day, but we have more than 2,000 customers each day.”

This is the first time we have opened for business.

“It’s also good for our business because it is the busiest shopping day of the year in Singapore.”

Our customers are more likely to shop at our shop because we can offer a wide range of hats.

“He said there is also demand for Christmas decorations, with customers buying decorations for their homes.

The shop has the shop window, which is usually open at 7am to 8am and closed at 8pm to 9pm.

Customers can also take advantage of discounts on hats for their special occasions, he said.

Customs officials will check the store’s customers before opening and will take them to the border post to be given a stamp to take to their destination.

The company will also be hosting a holiday party for customers on January 4 and 5.