New Zealand restaurant offers ‘caveman’ menu for ‘cheap, but good’ lunch

A New Zealand cafe is offering a caveman lunch for $5.80 with a side of ‘cheaper’ meat and salad.

The menu is being advertised as “Cheap, But Good” by a New Zealand-based company called “Hobbit”.

The menu features a salad of ground beef and veg and “sliced tomatoes and cucumbers”, along with “cheap but good” burgers, which are served on toasted rolls.

The “cheaper” menu comes with the option to add a side salad for $2.50, while the “cheapest” option comes with a salad for just $3.50.

The menu is only available for one day, and is expected to open in August, though there is no word on when the café will be able to offer the menu to the general public.

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