How a New York Jew became a Resistance Leader

Posted February 15, 2020 08:15:49 A young Israeli Jew who grew up in the same Brooklyn neighborhood as the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is taking on the Israeli army in the upcoming Palestinian uprising against his government.

In a video posted to YouTube, Rasha Jadali, who goes by her stage name Hatem, told the story of how she helped a friend of hers, who was shot dead, get back to the US in the summer of 2018.

The video, which was taken from the Israeli consulate in Jerusalem, was posted on Monday.

The young man’s parents, who had fled to Israel from the Palestinian territory of the West Bank, were living in the US.

But their daughter was a US citizen and wanted to go back.

“I just wanted to help her,” Jadalis said in the video, adding that she was on her way to the consulate when the Israeli military came to the door of her house and opened fire.

“When I saw the soldiers, they said they were soldiers of the Palestinian Authority, and I thought it was an Arab man who came in to kill us.

They were all men,” Jadsali said, adding she was in shock.

She was one of the many people in Israel and the US who were outraged by the killing of Israeli-Arab student Meir Ettinger, who went missing in Jerusalem in September 2017.

Ettinger’s body was found two weeks later on the outskirts of Jerusalem, where he was shot and killed by an Israeli soldier.

In the video Jadsalis recounted the story, calling the killing “very, very sad and terrible.”

Jadalis, who is a lawyer, says that when she was 13 years old, she and her mother went to see a friend who was an activist who had been detained in Israel.

“We were watching a video and she had just finished filming and was going to leave,” Jadi said.

Jadali said she was taken to the interrogation room by Israeli soldiers.””

She and her parents then decided to go to see him and his friends.

Jadali said she was taken to the interrogation room by Israeli soldiers.”

They kept asking me questions, ‘What happened to Ettingers body?’

I was like, this is the real deal.

I didn’t know what was happening in Israel, and when I said I was a lawyer I said, ‘No, this isn’t me,'” Jadsales said.”

But they told me everything that was going on.

They told me how to protest, how to gather signatures, how I should be able to see what was going around, when I was going into the embassy.

And they also told me what the future would be for me if I did this.

They said, if you do this you are going to be in prison.

“She told The Associated Press that she spent weeks in a detention center in the West and then returned to the United States to finish her law degree at Harvard Law School.

She says she was initially detained on charges of “making terrorist threats” and “terrorist association” after she went to the American Civil Liberties Union to seek help with her case.

Her mother, who has also been arrested, was held in a different detention facility for weeks, she said.

Jadsali told The AP that she became increasingly frustrated with the Israeli government after she began to be recognized as an American citizen.”

It was horrible.””

I started to think about all the things that were going on with the Palestinians, I started to cry.

It was horrible.”

Her mother eventually returned to Israel and met her husband, who works for the US embassy in Tel Aviv.

They moved in with her parents in August, and Jadsami said she began attending classes at the university in New York.

“At that time I didn, I didn.

I don’t know why.

I just didn’t have any intention of leaving,” she told The AJC.

She told the AJC that she is also an outspoken critic of the Israeli occupation, and that she believes that the current Israeli government “is a product of the Zionist movement.”

“I have a lot of hope for Israel, but I also think that Israel needs to change.

I also know that Israel has the ability to change,” she added.

“But the Zionist leadership has kept changing, and the government needs to realize that it can’t change the reality that exists in the Palestinian territories.

They are a country, and it is their destiny.”

She said she hopes to one day return to Israel.

Jadi said she has not yet been able to return to the States, but she is planning to soon.

“The first thing I am going to do is