How to make elf hat kid, a fun-filled gift for elf hat fans

Kids who love elf hats can also take their love for the creature seriously.

The children’s book “The Elf Hat Kid” by Alice Bailey was published in October.

It’s a cute tale of a cute elf who has a secret love for elf hats.

In the story, the elf hat hat kid is a kind, shy, but loving elf who’s in love with a pretty elf girl.

In this story, she helps her friend build a hat out of wool, then takes it to the moon and makes a special gift for her friend.

It was a fun read for kids, who can see a story about a kind-hearted, kind-tempered elf girl making a hat from wool and wool scraps.

In other words, it’s an easy book for kids to enjoy and it was the perfect gift for children who love to read and have a lot of fun.