Why are Mexicans wearing masks at U.S. airports?

The US and Mexico are both battling Ebola, and the two nations are often seen as having similar concerns.

In the US, health officials say they have not had any confirmed cases of the virus, but a few travelers who arrived in the US recently have tested positive for it.

While both nations have not yet confirmed that any of their citizens have contracted the virus and have not ruled out the possibility, they have both said they do not know how many people have been exposed.

A new outbreak has now occurred at Mexico’s domestic airports, with at least three confirmed cases and at least eight more potentially ill travelers, according to the Health Ministry. 

According to the ministry, the three confirmed case cases are from the US state of New Mexico and the four others are from New York City.

Mexico’s health minister has said that all of the people who have tested negative for Ebola in the state of Nuevo León have been tested in the United States. 

The US State Department has also been investigating the case of an Ebola patient at a Texas hospital.

Officials have confirmed that the patient, a man who was brought to the hospital from the United Kingdom, has tested positive and is being treated there. 

 Meanwhile, at least four more US citizens have tested as negative for the virus in the first 24 hours, according a report by ABC News. 

On Monday, the health ministry said it had confirmed two additional confirmed cases in the country of the other two confirmed cases.

The ministry said that the first confirmed case is a 35-year-old man from New Mexico who arrived at the border in Arizona and had to be admitted to the Texas hospital where he was being treated.

The second confirmed case was a 25-year old man from Texas. 

“We are not certain if they are all related or not, but there are a lot of them,” the ministry said in a statement. 

Officials say they are investigating the potential link between the two cases. 

Meanwhile the State Department says it has issued an emergency travel alert for the United Arab Emirates, the United kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Denmark and Switzerland.

The alert states that the affected countries are among those that are concerned about the outbreak. 

While some US lawmakers have expressed concern about the health situation in the Gulf states, they also have said that they have faith that the virus will not spread to other countries. 

In the United states, the governors of New York and New Jersey have urged the public to stay home from the state’s airports. 

ABC News’ Ryan Seacrest contributed to this report.