‘I think the flag is racist’: David Cameron on the American flag

RTE 2  12.18.18  The BBC’s political editor David Cameron is on the hot seat over his comments about the American Flag, saying it’s “racist” to have it on the coat of arms of the United Kingdom.

The comments by the Prime Minister were made during an interview with Sky News, where he was asked whether he would be “comfortable” with a British flag that had the words “black lives matter” printed on it.

The flag was designed by artist John Jameson, and was made from cotton wool in 1913.

“The American flag has got to be the worst flag I’ve ever seen,” Cameron said.

“You can see the words ‘black lives don’t matter’ on the top of the flag, it’s got to have the words black lives don.

I think it’s racist to have that on the flag of the British people, especially in the context of what happened in Charlottesville.”

“I think it is a very, very, unfortunate flag, I think the word ‘black’ is really offensive,” he added.

“I’m not the only one, I’m just one of the people who are deeply offended by it.”

David Cameron (@David_Cameron) December 3, 2018 “I think they should have a different flag, maybe something that’s a bit more appropriate for the occasion.”

But the Prime Minster was asked by Sky News’ political editor, John Martin, whether he “would be comfortable” with the American flags on his coat of state.

“Well, I don’t think I would be comfortable with the flag on the official coat of the coat-of-arms of the UK,” Cameron responded.”But I don