‘This is a huge relief’: Trump hat maker to be given a big hug

An American businessman has been awarded $500,000 by a court in South Korea for helping the homeless.

A judge awarded the Trump Hatters $500K (£326,000) after their founder, Donald Trump, gave a huge hug to homeless man Tae Hyun-won after the man received the first dollar he had received for his work.

Tae, who is in his 60s, had been living in the camp for three years and was struggling to feed himself and his three children.

Tada, who lives in the US, was not involved in the case, but told the court he had been touched by the gesture and that he would not be going back to the camp.

Tao Chung-min, who also helps homeless people, said he had never seen such a large gesture of gratitude from the US president.

Tadas face was covered with a white shirt and he did not even take off his shoes.

Tasmin said: “He said he appreciated it, he did it for him and for his family.

We are really grateful.”

The president was giving Tae his first dollar after he was granted $25,000 for his contribution to the homeless camp.

The court was also impressed by Tae’s kindness.

Tara, who asked not to be named, said she was also moved by the president’s generosity.

“I feel I owe him one.

I have had a difficult life in South Koreas and it was so difficult to find a job and support my children, my husband and I. He gave me that money and I am grateful for it,” she said.”

It’s been very difficult for him to see me so much less in my life but I still love him.”

Tae said he was touched by Trump’s generosity and his actions had been inspired by him.

Tayso was also delighted at the verdict, saying the case was “very important” for the homeless community.

“If we want to see more homeless people who are happy and healthy in our community, we have to work together and the homeless are the ones that are supporting us.”

He helped us and he is now helping us and that is very important for the people of South Koreos.

“Tasim told the Korean Broadcasting Corporation (KBS) that Trump had been extremely generous and had been helping others who were homeless in the United States.”

There were many people who were looking for money and they would come to the US and he would give them the money and help them,” he said.

Tebo, who has been living with a mental illness for four years, said Trump’s actions had helped him “become a better person”.

He added: “I am so thankful to him and I can’t thank him enough.

I think he is doing good for the whole country and for the community.

“The court heard that Tae had been homeless for four months and was receiving benefits for a mental health problem.

A homeless man was given $2,000 (£1,400) for his actions and a man in his 50s was awarded $4,000.

Teeh-ho Lee, a lawyer for Tae, said the homeless man’s actions and donations had been a “game changer”.”

Mr Trump has given millions of dollars to the United Nations and other countries and to homeless people around the world,” he told KBS.”

The Trump Foundation is a great example of generosity.

“The Trump-branded hats were also made in the USA and were made from high-quality American materials and the hats were shipped from the United Kingdom.

Teesu was awarded the first $5,000 of the settlement and said he would work hard to help other homeless people in the future.”

We will try our best to provide as much assistance as possible for homeless people,” he added.