How to tell the difference between a soldier and a bunny

The Army is getting ready to change the way soldiers are treated for wearing hats.

The Army says it wants soldiers to be treated like everyone else and will be adding new rules that include new uniforms and uniforms that include military hats.

The Army says hats and other accessories will not be worn by people in the military.

The goal is to make it more comfortable for soldiers to wear hats while on duty and to reduce incidents where soldiers get attacked by others wearing hats or other military-like gear.

The new rules, which are being rolled out gradually over the next year, include:For the first time, soldiers will be allowed to wear a hat when they’re not on active duty.

The hat will be worn when on duty.

They can also wear hats on their military vehicles or while working on their own.

The uniform changes also will allow soldiers to get the uniform of the day instead of the Army’s preferred uniforms, which includes a navy blue or black uniform.

But that uniform still has to be worn while on patrol.

And soldiers must keep their hats and accessories out of sight of others.

To prevent any possible incidents, the Army says soldiers will wear hats in designated areas.

They’ll also have to wear them when they work on their vehicles.

The changes come after a spike in attacks on soldiers who wear military-style gear, including a spike that started in January and was followed by a spike on Aug. 1 that saw two soldiers killed and two others wounded.

The military says there were 17 incidents involving soldiers wearing military-type gear in 2017, and more than 30 attacks were recorded during that time.

The attack in July was the most recent to occur in a U.S. Army vehicle.

The Pentagon says it has made the changes to combat the “fear of attack” that the military has faced for the past several years.

The Department of Defense says the Army has been working to address the issue since it was first raised last year by a soldier in a vehicle.