Parents who don’t know how to change their children’s spades and bowls to kids hats are ruining the future of their children

By Akshay Sood/ReutersChildren play in the streets in Mumbai, India, February 23, 2018.

(AP Photo/Gopal Subramaniam)Children play with their parents in the street in Mumbai.

(Reuters Photo/Manish Swarup)Children at a school in the southern Indian city of Ahmedabad.

(Kunal Nayar)Children are pictured with their fathers and mothers at a park in Mumbai.(Reuters Photo)Children look at a sign of the Indian flag while visiting a school.(Reuters photo)Children run in the snow during a snowstorm in Mumbai in this November 20, 2018 photo.

(AFP Photo/Adnan Abidi)Children and families gather at a bus stop in Mumbai as the city prepares for winter.(Reuters)Children wait at a kiosk at a roadblock to enter the New Delhi metro.(Reuters / Arvind Subramanian)A girl, aged three, wears a scarf and a hat to protect her face from cold as she walks with her mother in the rain in Mumbai on February 23.(Reuters/Manisha Swarups)Children walk in the wind outside a government-run school in Mumbai during the snowstorm.(Reuters: Kunal Nayars)Children playing outside the New York subway station.

(Mauricio Macias/Reuters)A boy and a girl walk past a bus as they wait to board a train at New York’s George Washington Bridge.(Reuters Image)Children use snowblowers in the cold in Mumbai to prepare for winter.

(Photo by Sajjad Hasan/Reuters, AFP)Children take part in a parade in Mumbai after the snowfall in December, 2018.(Reuters File)Children ride a bicycle through the snow in the wintertime.(AFP Photo)People attend a parade of children in the Indian city in this February 18, 2020 photo.(AFP PHOTO/Rashid Kapur)A woman, dressed in a white hijab, walks through the ice at a tourist spot in Kolkata.(AFP File)A man uses a snowblower in a village in central India.(AFP file)A child sits on a bench in the icy winter weather in Mumbai where temperatures in Mumbai hit 25 degrees Celsius on December 31, 2018 after a winter storm.(Reuters via AP Photo)A snowfall is seen at a hotel in Mumbai’s northern suburb of Surat on February 22, 2019.(AFP photo)People walk through the cold snow in Mumbai before a visit by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.(AFPFile)Children wearing a scarf look at their mother wearing a hat.(Reuters file)People play in a park near the New Jersey shoreline.(ReutersFile)People wear hats to protect their faces from cold.(Reutersfile)Children gather in front of a train station in Mumbai while a train runs.(Reuters-File)A children’s play area in Mumbai is pictured.(Reuters, photo: AP)Children hold a banner in a crowded Mumbai square during a vigil for victims of the Boxing Day bus attack.(ReutersImage)People take part at a memorial in Mumbai for victims.( hold placards reading “I am India’s son” during a demonstration against violence in Mumbai(ReutersFile photo)A group of children gather at the memorial at the train station.(Reuters image)Children attend a vigil in Mumbai against violence.(Reuters – File) A woman is carried by her children at the railway station in New Delhi, India.(ReutersPhoto)People gather in Mumbai following the snowfalls.(Reuters files)A bus is seen in a parking lot in the central Indian city.(ReutersFILE) A train is seen parked in a shopping mall in Mumbai near the Indian embassy.(Reutersphoto)A train passes by a memorial for victims after a bus was attacked by terrorists in Mumbai late December, 2019.

( Kaul)A crowd gathers in front a memorial at Mumbai’s main railway station.(AFP-File photo: Aruna Sundaram)People listen to speakers during a protest in New York.(Reuters picture: Reuters)A protester holds placards with slogans in support of the victims of a bus attack in Mumbai earlier this month.(Reuters Picture: Reuters file)Children in Mumbai wait for trains to leave the city due to the snow storm.(AFP, photo by Ramesh Pathak)A young girl looks at a snow-covered road in Mumbai early December, 2020.(Reuters photograph)A soldier stands next to a train in Mumbai due to heavy snowfall.(Reuters.)

People gather at Mumbai railway station to watch the trains leave the Indian capital.(ReutersReutersFile Photo) A boy sits on his parents’ lap during a memorial service in Mumbai the day after a terrorist attack.(AFP)A youth walks along a street during a cold winter storm in Mumbai (Reuters photo: Reuters File)People sit at a picnic