Which team will be crowned the champion of India’s Premier League?

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) is the frontrunner for the title of the country’s premier league, with a projected Rs 6,000 crore revenue in 2021-22.DMRC is expected to generate Rs 6 crore annually in the league’s first season, and is expected in line with the Indian Premier League’s revenue of Rs 6.4 crore, which is expected for 2022-23.DMCC Chairman Deepak Bhushan said the league is expected revenue-wise to increase to Rs 9 crore by 2019-20, up from Rs 4 crore last season.

In the current season, the league has a Rs 6 lakh subsidy to the teams and a subsidy of Rs 1 crore for the sponsors, and Rs 1 lakh for the league management.

“The revenue is expected from the league, which has a budget of Rs 7.4 lakh.

In the past, we have had a revenue of more than Rs 6-7 crore and we are expected to increase the revenue to Rs 8 crore by the end of the season,” he told The Hindu.

A recent study by the consulting firm BCLI showed that the league was the top earner in India in the year-end period of the fiscal year, with revenue of around Rs 9.5 crore.