‘Fake news’: Trump calls CNN’s Jim Acosta ‘fake news’ again in a heated exchange with CNN reporter

Axios via Twitter The President of the United States is once again on the attack on CNN’s anchor Jim Acoste, calling the news outlet “fake news” for a series of tweets over the past week.

Acosta tweeted about a tweet by Trump saying he would use “a combination of sanctions and pressure” on CNN to get its “fake” reporting.

“CNN is fake news.

They lie to our faces.

Their news is fake,” Acostee wrote.

“The network is owned by the Russian government.

Its executives are Russians.

Its reporters are Russians and its hosts are Russians.”

Trump was referring to a tweet in which Acostey claimed the network had a fake story on Russia.

CNN fired back, calling Acostes tweet “sickening.”

“This is a sickening attack on journalism,” CNN tweeted.

“This President has no respect for the rule of law, and he has attacked the press and its independence.”

Acostees tweet has come under fire before.

In January, Trump tweeted: “I would rather lose an election than have a news organization that is totally controlled by the Clinton Campaign and owned by a Russian company.”

Acosta has previously said he would consider joining the Trump administration should the President decide to put pressure on CNN.

Acosted also criticized the President in his interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, saying the President was “obsessed” with the network and was “very hostile” to his press briefings.

Acounty also criticized CNN for having the temerity to call Trump’s tweet “fake.”

“CNN did not call the President’s tweet fake,” he wrote.

The President has a bad habit of calling his Twitter accounts “fake,” but I wonder how many people on Twitter have called CNN fake news?