The new men’s golf hat looks like the real deal

A new men, women and kids golf hat may be coming soon to your neighborhood store, but don’t worry, it’s not the kind of hat you’d find in your local pawn shop.

Instead, it comes from the very people you might expect to see on the tee.

It’s called the derby hat.

It makes a comeback in the men’s and kids’ golfing market, thanks to a pair of new models.

In honor of National Golf Hall of Fame Induction Weekend, we decided to take a look at the derbiest hats that are currently on sale.

First up is the new Derby Hat.

Designed by designer Nick DeCarlo, this hat is an updated take on the popular golf tee, with an extra edge to help keep it cool while hitting more balls.

It has an eyelet that can be adjusted to the shape of your head, and the edges are angled to allow for better windage.

The Derby Hat has a similar look to the Golf Hat from the 1980s, but is a bit smaller.

It has a thinner brim and longer neckline, and has a wide brim.

It also has a slightly different color scheme.

The Derby Hat is available in black, brown, and navy.

The second model, the Derby Hat II, is a full-on replica of the Derby Hat, but with a slight twist.

Instead of a thick brim, the Derby hat now has a thin brim and a slightly thicker neckline.

The design is more contemporary and sports a black and white stripe across the front.

The Derby hat is available from select stores and at Target stores starting today.

The price tag on the Derby hats is $175, while the Derby Hats II are $230.

Both of these models are available now from Target.

The original Derby Hat was only available in a limited run of 500 Derby Hats, while Derby Hats III and IV will be available on Target’s website starting next week.

Both Derby hats will also be available at Target’s online store.