Which of these hats will your kids wear to school this summer?

The embellished military hat may be the latest trend to catch the eye of children’s bloggers and tweens, who are using it as a way to display patriotic messages.

According to a recent poll by Kids’ Trend, the hat has captured a whopping 25% of the top 20 most-searched items.

It has also attracted a lot of attention from parents.

“I see it as an ‘I told you so’ moment for children to say, ‘Hey, I don’t care about the hat,'” said mom-to-be Tessa Tann.

The hat, which is available in a variety of styles, is made of fabric, and it’s also easy to alter the design if you need to.

Kids’Trend says the embellish hat has become a “favorite” item among parents who want to show their kids that they’re not afraid to stand up for their country.

“It’s also great for those parents who don’t want their kids to look too patriotic,” Tann said.

Tann has been wearing the emblazoned hat to school, including to the principal’s office, for the past month.

“The kids love it,” she said.

“They’re so excited about it.”

Tann’s daughter also has the embroidered hat, but it’s the older girl who’s really wearing it, and she’s loving it.

“She likes the way it looks and the way I have to be careful with it,” Tessa said.

For parents who aren’t too worried about their kids looking patriotic, the emblematized military hat can also be used as a fashion statement.

“There’s no better way to make sure that your kid doesn’t get embarrassed about wearing a hat that says ‘American Flag’ than to make them wear it to school,” said Tann, who said she’s seen a few parents wear it in class.

“That’s just a way of showing kids that you care about your kids and that they can make a difference.”

Parents are also turning to the emulated hat for other patriotic messages, such as a “Happy Flag Day” and a “American Flag Day, America.”

“They really love it for patriotic messages,” Tasman said.

Parents are even starting to create their own patriotic hats.

“My daughter has a flag on the back of her hat and she loves it,” said mom Rachel Krasner, who posted the video on Facebook.

“We were so excited when she asked us to put it on the front of the school bag.”

Tasmann has seen her daughter decorate her own emblazed hat with her own designs.

“When she gets older, I think she’ll have to make some pretty bold decisions about what kind of hats to wear,” she added.

“If she wants to wear one with a military theme on it, then I think that’s great.

If she wants it to be something different, then she can do whatever she wants.”

TASMAN: ‘I tell my kids to always be true to themselves’ article Parents are starting to take the emblemized military hats as a new and creative way to show how patriotic they are.

“People are starting thinking about patriotism as something that’s cool, that’s beautiful, and that’s a good thing,” Tasi said.

However, it may not be a good idea to show your kids how to make a patriotic hat because, according to Tasmania, the hats can be very difficult to replicate.

“Even though they’re designed to look like the military hats, there are many different styles,” she explained.

“Sometimes you can find them on sale for less than $1 each.”

Tasi is currently planning to make her own patriotic hat.

“This hat is a perfect example of how a little kid can do so much with a little bit of help from mommy,” she told Kids’ Trends.

“Because she doesn’t have the skills of a professional craftsman, it’s really her mommy’s job to make it look right.”