How to find the perfect hat for every occasion

The hat is the ultimate accessory.

Whether you’re a country-loving tourist, a casual tourist or a sports fan, you’ll always have a pair of hats that will fit.

But to find a hat that fits every occasion, you need to find an appropriate hat size.

Read on for our list of 10 best hat sizes.


Large: This hat is typically made to fit over the shoulder.

It’s a great choice for people who want to be able to wear hats to work and school without worrying about being too big.

The large hat also makes it easier to fit your face.

You’ll feel more confident with this size, too.


Medium: A medium-sized hat fits around the neck, but it also can be worn for work.

If you’re wearing a business casual style, this will give you a nice, tailored look without being too large.

You should wear a medium-large hat, as this is your best bet if you need a hat to go on a business trip or a large business event.


Small: This is a little more versatile.

If your favorite color is white, you can wear this as a casual hat.

If it’s a lighter shade, you may want to wear it for a casual day at the beach or to take the kids to a birthday party.


Under: This option is great for those who want a smaller size to go with their work attire.

If this is for an event, you could wear a small-sized cap for a simple outfit.


Mid-sized: A mid-sized size hat is perfect for work and for sporting events.

This size is perfect to wear in a business setting, like a restaurant, for a corporate meeting, or even for a birthday.


Small-medium: The smaller size fits well over the shoulders, but the medium size is great to wear for casual occasions, like sporting events, and to have in your bag for a weekend getaway.


Large-large: This size has great staying power and is great if you want to go all out and try on hats that fit more.

If they’re not going to fit you, you might want to choose the larger size to add some style to your look.


Medium-large-large, Large-small: The large size fits a bit snug around the ears, but this size is best for those that like to wear them to work or school.


Large and Small-Large: The sizes of these two sizes are perfect for casual days and work events.


Under-large and Large-Small: The medium- and large-small sizes are best suited for sports teams, but they also work great for kids who need a little extra size to be comfortable.

Which hat should I buy?

Whether you need the largest or smallest size, these are the best hats for everyone.

And the hat with the most hats is the one you should choose.

Here are our picks for the 10 best hats.

1) Small-Medium-Large Hat: For everyday wear, this is the best size to wear as a work or casual hat for most people.

You don’t need to be a professional, but a person who’s comfortable wearing a smaller-sized coat and tie will feel more comfortable with this hat.

2) Medium-Large-Large hat: This fits snugly around the face and gives you a tailored look.

It can be a little too large if you’re looking for a bigger hat for sports.

3) Medium hat: You could wear this size for casual or sport events, but you may not be comfortable with a larger-sized headpiece.

This is great with kids or a younger person.

4) Large hat: It has great stay power and it fits over the head well.

5) Large cap: This cap is a great option for sports and casual wear.

It will be comfortable to wear when going out and on the go. 6) Medium cap: You can wear a large cap for casual activities, and you can even wear it on weekends.

7) Large-Large cap: It’s big enough for a few casual activities like a baseball game.

8) Medium or Large hat, Large cap, Medium cap, Large hat 8) Large, Medium, Medium-Small hat: If you wear this hat to work, this size will fit your head very well.

9) Medium, Large, Small-Small cap, Small hat, Medium hat, Small cap, and Large cap 9) Large hats, Medium hats, Large hats 8) Mid-large hats, Mid-Large hats, Small hats, and Medium hats 9) Small hat for work, Mid hat, and Small hat 9) Mid hat and Medium hat for sport 10) Small cap for sports 11) Mid hats, Long hats, Short hats, XL hats, Tall hats, Big hats, 5-6″ hats, 6″ hats