When a Kangol hat is a necessity

Kangol hats have become a necessity in South Africa. 

This was the sentiment expressed by Kangol legend Peter Mowbray in a 2015 interview with The Sunday Times, when he spoke about how he had been told that his life was over if he ever got a Kangolo hat. 

Mowbrray continued, “I had to wear a Kangola hat, and I’d always say that because I thought that I’d die if I ever got one.

So I didn’t wear a hat for a long time.”

Mowbrey went on to say, “The only Kangol I ever wore was the one I wore when I was 15 years old.”

The idea of a hat is very modern, but the Kangol was a long-time staple of South Africa’s military. 

In 2014, the National Security Bureau (NSPB) was set up in South African military.

The NSPB is tasked with defending South Africa from threats posed by North Korean and Chinese agents and foreign fighters. 

Kangol hats are part of the NSPBC’s efforts. 

The NspB is currently conducting training exercises in South Afrika and preparing for war games. 

According to the South African Defense Forces, the training exercises are focused on maintaining the country’s readiness to face threats from the DPRK and the Chinese. 

It was revealed that the Nspb has recently been in discussions with the South Korean military about establishing an outpost in South Kordofan.

However, the South Korko Military District has stated that the Kangols are not part of their plans. 

As for the Kangolo, there is no official word yet on what the future holds for the South Afrikaner symbol. 

Hopefully, we will hear more about Kangol Hat’s future soon.

Source: Fox Sports