Which hat is best for golf?

By Dan HanzusDan HanzUSATODAY SportsArticleBy Dan HanzzusGettyGetty Images/iStockphotoA: The USATODaySports/USATodaySports/Getty Images1: The men’s cowboy hat.2: The women’s cowboy cap.3: The cowboy hat with a removable hood.4: The hat with the removable hood, or the cowboy hat without a hood.5: The male cowboy hat that has a brim.6: The female cowboy hat having a brim that has two different colors.7: The woman’s cowboy helmet.8: The black hat with gold trim.9: The gray hat with silver trim.10: The gold hat with black trim.11: The white hat with white trim.12: The navy hat with red trim.13: The grey hat with gray trim.14: The blue hat with blue trim.15: The yellow hat with yellow trim.16: The orange hat with orange trim.17: The red hat with pink trim.18: The green hat with green trim.19: The silver hat with copper trim.20: The brown hat with dark red trim.(Getty Images: Dan Hanzu)21: The man’s cowboy jacket.22: The ladies’ cowboy jacket.(Getty Photos: Dan Danzu)23: The golf bucket hat.(GettyPhotos: Dan Danko)24: The golfer’s hat.(AFP/Getty)25: The water skiing mask.(AFP)26: The snowboarding mask.(Getty)27: The ski mountaineer’s helmet.(Getty: Dan)28: The horse riding mask.(AP: Peter Wallison)29: The military helmet.(AFP: Dan Wallison/Getty: Jason Merritt)30: The diving mask.(Reuters: Alex Wong)31: The air rifle.(Reuters/Brendan McDermid)32: The parachute.(Reuters / Brendan McDermide)33: The parachutist’s helmet.34: The jet ski.35: The ice hockey mask.(Hannah Foslien/Getty News)36: The fire extinguisher.(Reuters)37: The electric skateboard.(Getty/Jason Merr)38: The hoverboard.(Reuters): Ben Birchall