French people hate their dog hats, hate the peaky blinder

French people have turned their hate towards their pet hats, with some people accusing the fashion designer of exploiting the country’s obsession with dogs for the sake of fashion.

A number of French men and women have written to Mr. Fitch claiming he is exploiting France’s obsession by selling a set of hat that is “like a pig in a hat” for the purpose of selling hats, according to the Paris-based news site, Le Figaro.

A similar complaint was made by an American couple who said they have had to deal with hat-wearing French men in the past.

The hat, which is also marketed as “The Peaky Blinders,” was originally created for the French army but is now being used by other French companies to market their products, according the Le Figaroo report.

The men who wrote to Mr, Fitch said he was using the hat as a marketing tool, and that it was a way of putting the country on the global map.

“It’s a pity that the French people can’t be happy with their hats.

They’re a part of history,” wrote a man named Pierre, who is from the northern town of Saint-Domingue.

“I’m sick of people making fun of our hats,” wrote another man named Claude, from the southern town of Arles.

“People who have never had to wear a hat should be proud,” said a woman named Maria, who works at a shoe shop in Paris.

“We should be happy.

We’re not a country, we’re an industry.”

The Le Figariad reports that the hat is made in France, and was originally designed by French designer Jean Paul Gaultier.

The design is also made by a number of other French designers, including Dior and Gucci.

Le Figaros website says the hat comes with an embroidered design on the brim and is made of a wool, nylon, and acrylic material.

“This is the Peaky-Bowl hat of the French military, a symbol of France’s independence and strength,” the website reads.

“The design is based on the design of the Peakies’ helmets in the First World War, and the military’s first helmet in 1917.

The Peaky Bowl hat is a symbol to honor our fallen soldiers.”

The hats have also been used by French celebrities including actress Juliette Binoche, singer Bruno Mars, and singer Lionel Richie.

A French company called Natura, which makes the hats, is also producing hats that are made in the United States, including a white and black version, the Le Frigo report said.

“France has a long history of using the Peaks for its war effort,” the Le Fitch website said.

It’s not the first time hat-related complaints have cropped up in France.

Last year, a French woman named Catherine Perna wrote to the French ambassador in Washington, saying that a piece of hat she bought online was made in Germany and was not her own.

The ambassador, Jean-François Beaulieu, responded that the piece was made “in France” and “made in a factory in the French capital, Paris.”