When a girl wore a cowboy hat, a cowboy went to school

By The Associated Press WriterJune 29, 2020 12:22:18A girl in Oregon, wearing a hat decorated with a cowboy and a cowboy collar, was suspended from a high school football team after her classmates called her a hat-wearing “coward.”

The Associated Press story about the incident with the boy’s mom says the girl’s parents asked the school district to investigate the incident, but the school suspended the girl for five days for “attempting to use a school resource for personal gain.”

The story said the boy, who is the son of the school principal, and his mother were in a class on Monday when he said, “I’m a cowboy.

Why are you so mean to me?”

The mother, who identified herself only as Jane Doe, said she called the school and the principal and that school officials asked her to report the incident.

She said she told the school administrator that she was not wearing a cowboy or cowboy collar because she was trying to use school resources to help her son who was a “cowboy.”

The school district spokeswoman, Erin Hoch, said in a statement that the school’s disciplinary system reviews all allegations, but said the suspension was “based on the district’s concerns that the incident occurred and did not reflect the values of the district.”

The district is “aware of a number of instances of inappropriate behavior by students and has taken a number the student’s parents have expressed concerns about and worked with the parents,” the statement said.

School officials say the girl is “doing well” and will continue her career as a professional athlete, but will be suspended from the team.