Kentucky Derby hat made from ‘waxed cotton’


— When a man dressed as an old-fashioned cowboy in a cowboy hat was arrested last month on charges of burglary and stealing in Derby County, his first question was, Why did he have a hat?

Kentucky Derby hat, made from waxed cotton, has been on the market for years, but it never got a hat with the name “The Kentucky Derby.”

That’s because Kentucky Derby is the name of the horse racing event in which the Kentucky Derby has been held for more than 100 years.

The Kentucky Racing Commission, which owns the Derby and the Kentucky state flag, had no immediate comment on the arrest.

The name “Kentucky” was used by the horse-racing commission until 1947.

In fact, the state’s first official hat came in 1877.

That year, a horse racing commission hat featured the logo of a horse race.

But the Kentucky Racing Act of 1897 prohibited the commission from using the name in public office.

The commission’s first use of the name was in 1907, when it gave a hat to the first Kentucky Derby winner, “Dale” Tubb, to commemorate the horse race’s first winner.

That hat had a “T” on the front, with the word “BULL” on its back.

The association between the horse races and the Derby started when the Kentucky race was established in 1863 and became a part of the state during the Great Depression, when the country lost millions of jobs.

The word “derby” comes from the Derby, a name for the racecourse where it was founded, and the horse’s name comes from a “der” which means a long nose.