How to make a fake mustache from scratch

This is a tutorial for creating a fake moustache from scratch.

If you have a really good idea for how to make your own mustache from start to finish, you can definitely do it.

If not, it’s just a matter of following the step by step tutorial.

If this is your first time, here’s what you need to know:1.

Make a mask for the fake mustache.

If your mustache is already a mask, you should be able to make one of the following masks: A mustache with a mustache brush.

A mustache that doesn’t have a mustache.

A fake mustache with the mustache brush attached.

If there’s a mustache in between these, make one.

This mask can be made out of foam, plastic, and foam board.

You can make it as tall or as short as you like.

This is how I made one of these masks.

If it’s too long for you, just make one that is shorter than your mustache.2.

Cut the mask to the length that it needs to be.

If the mask is too long, you could make it out of a cardboard box.

You’ll need to cut it down the middle and glue it onto the mask.3.

Add the mask onto the mustache.

The mustache should look like this.4.

Cut a little bit of foam to fit between the mask and the mustache and glue the mask on.5.

Place the mask over your fake mustache and make sure it’s fully enclosed.6.

Wait for the mustache to grow into your head.7.

Make your fake mohawk.8.

Enjoy your new mohawked self.9.

You should now have a fake beard.10.


Do you have any other tips?