How to Make the Worst Possible Choice for Trump, Pence

The worst possible choice for President Trump and Vice President Pence would be to do nothing, or to make an even worse choice, to let the United States fall into a catastrophic financial crisis.

That is, the president and his Vice President are not prepared to do the very thing they claim to oppose in order to save the United State from a catastrophe that will destroy everything the American people love.

This is why they are failing the country, not because they are incompetent, but because they want to.

The president and Pence have spent the last six months pretending that they are capable of running the country well.

The only reason they haven’t been able to do so is because they have been unwilling to face the facts and admit they have not been able.

They have refused to admit that the United Kingdom is the worst economy in the G7 (even though it is one of the largest economies in the world) and that their plan to fix it has been disastrous.

They refuse to admit their plan is not working.

They will not even admit that they have let the economy deteriorate so badly that the economy of Greece is now a third of its pre-crisis level.

This week, the Washington Post reported that the president, as of today, is the only person in the United United States who is even willing to take the step of taking action to prevent a financial meltdown.

And the Washington Times has reported that this week, President Trump was given a copy of the plan by his national security adviser, General H.R. McMaster.

This is why, in the face of the economic catastrophe, the American public is finally beginning to see that this president is not capable of governing the United Sates.

And when you take away from the president his credibility and his authority, you take the risk away from him.

In fact, the only reason that the American population is not in a panic about the country is because the American government has been unwilling and unable to face up to the facts.

The president has been unable to acknowledge that the country has lost nearly half of its wealth since the Great Recession.

The economy has deteriorated so badly and with such reckless abandon that even if the president had actually taken steps to stop the deterioration, it would be impossible to save America from a catastrophic crisis.

Trump has ignored the most basic truths about the economy and the American political system.

He has been so incompetent, so incompetent that even he cannot understand how the economy works and the system that sustains the economy.

He refuses to admit he has not been doing anything to prevent the collapse of the American economy and is not prepared for that crisis.

As the president has said, he has been trying to save himself.

He can save himself by acting.

The last thing the American populace needs right now is more uncertainty.

It is not a crisis.

It will be resolved by Congress and the people, and Trump should act now.

The best way to save our economy from a collapse is to stop giving the president money and by not giving him power.

That is why the American People are calling on him to stop taking money from Wall Street and by cutting spending and taxes.