How to keep a frog from jumping off a roof

Posted May 25, 2018 04:25:49The American hat company Sammy Sosa hat.

(Photo: Sammy M. Sosa)It’s a little easier than it sounds.

It’s all about keeping a frog away from a tree.

Sammy Salsa, which makes the hats for the American hat business, has patented a frog hat that makes a frog jump from a building roof to safety, without jumping off the roof.

The frog hat is made from a combination of the frog’s skin and its hat and is designed to make it easier for the frog to jump up and over a roof.

“The frog can stay down on the ground and jump over a rooftop,” Sosa said in a statement.

“There’s no damage done to the roof, and the frog can still walk back to safety without having to jump.”

The hat is currently in production at Sosa’s factory in Pico Rivera, California, and is expected to be on sale this year.