What the ‘Fedora’ hat really is: A peek inside the world’s most popular hat

The Fedora hat, a nod to the Linux kernel, is often used by enthusiasts as a symbol of a DIY spirit and the work ethic of a newbie.

But while it’s a pretty cool thing to wear, it’s not necessarily practical.

The hat, which is designed by American engineer and fashion designer Marc Jacobs, has to be worn at a certain height, and has to have a handle or a strap to go over your head.

So how does it actually look?

The Fedora is made from a polyester material, which looks pretty cool, but isn’t a very durable fabric.

That’s where Marc Jacobs comes in.

Marc Jacobs has designed several hats in the past, but the most popular among them were the hat he wore as a child, the cowboy hat.

The cowboy hat is made of wool and has a nice hatband, but it’s bulky, and if you’re carrying a heavy backpack, it might take a bit of practice to get it to look comfortable.

But this Fedora hat has a handle that is just perfect for someone who wants to take the hat out for a spin and really get a feel for what it is like to wear it.

And it’s also really nice looking, as well.

We’ve got the Fedora hat above.

It’s a little hard to see in the photos, but there are two side pockets on the hat, so it’s very easy to have it on and off.

And you can see the handles, which are very comfortable.

If you’re not into this kind of stuff, this might not be for you.

If that’s the case, the Fedora is available at Amazon for $150.

The one above, which we bought, is $300.